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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 5

When I started this challenge the first of the year, I wasn't working a 30 hour per week job in addition to all of the other hats I wore. Nonetheless, I managed to keep up the daily painting schedule until I missed a day last week because of illness. With the rhythm broken and adding another job to my schedule this month (managing a blog for Minnesota Public Radio) I have to acknowledge that I can't do everything and something's gotta give. It's going to be the daily painting. I can't continue to work from dawn to dusk. I'll paint when I can and continue to upload images when I have something to share.

Thanks for checking in.



  1. I've looked forward to checking in on your daily painting. But I also understand why you need to save your sanity! I'll still keep checking in and will appreciate the days you've had the time and energy to produce. I especially enjoy your whimsical style and hope you continue to paint those. I admire your effort for the past four months!!

  2. Nan
    As I told you last weekend, I think this is a very good decision. You have a great number of people and influences demanding your attention, not the least of which is me. I think the Daily Painting was a great idea when life was a little slower (like just after Christmas). I think it morphed from that slow thoughtful act of reflecting and contributing to a high demand function, a burden that sometimes was quite successful and sometimes was pretty hard to interpret (for us on the outside of the canvas). I think this new model that uses this blog site as a way of offering your work, your thoughts, and others with whom you interact is great. You are offering those things to people like me who do not have access to those avenues and you enrich our lives. Yet, you are doing it in a way that makes the burden reasonable, even enjoyable, rather than onerous. I say congratulations on being strong enough to make the good decision, even if was hard (I personally have chosen to give up all hard decisions and just live with the consequences, always blaming someone else for those consequences). We all love you, especially me.

  3. I have to contest one thing that Jim wrote, and that is the "especially me" part of loving you, because I do believe that I love you more! I also agree that this is a good decision for you. I don't know how you did it for as long as you did with everything you have going on, and I applaud you for that. I will keep checking when I have time, and look forward to seeing what you do create. Love you lots!