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Thursday, June 3, 2010

I painted on Saturday

Yup, Yup...I got the paint out again. We put new counter tops in the kitchen; tore off the old wall paper above the stove and between the cupboards and the counter top. That little project was way over due. The wall paper was from the mid 80s, when earth-tones ruled interiors and shag rugs reigned over, or under, living rooms.

The adjoining rooms to the kitchen are a lovely blue gray but of course we couldn't find any paint left over from when they were painted. So, I dusted off my pallette, mixed white, black and blue and got a nearly perfect match. It wasn't a challenging painting job but a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

I just had an art lover stop in to purchase a painting. The lovely little winter scene from January 12 will be traveling to Germany. Lovely place for it to go.

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