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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

To Begin Again

To begin, again, let’s take a moment or two to explain the absence of several years of blog entries.
To be creative takes a tremendous amount of brain power, as well as discipline, and time. Living in our modern society doesn’t give a hoot if you have much of any of that short list to apply to inspired pursuits. Of course, it preaches that creativity is primary but when it comes down to it, most jobs require that you show up and do the task list of the day. And, you have to have a job unless you want to pay out of pocket for health insurance. Sure, if you’re truly a starving artist, you can, at least in the state where I live, get by with a state sponsored health plan. But I’m one of the fortunate ones whose husband retired with an income that provided enough for the costs of daily living. However, it didn’t really bargain for paying a thousand dollars a month for my health insurance.
That means for the last decade, I’ve either worked to pay for health insurance or worked in a job that provided health insurance. I’ve learned a lot in those jobs and am thankful to have been able to work in capacities that challenged my mental faculties, i.e. learned a half dozen different computer programs. But, boy, was my head tired when I got home each day. I didn’t have much left to put into studio time. BUT, and it’s a really big BUT, by virtue of reaching an age of wisdom and seeming decrepitude, I have been able to set aside the 9-5:00, 8-4:00, 7-5:00, 3-11:00 and all the other daily work schedules and go back to creative time. That’s like standard time, daylight savings time, and the gold standard all rolled into one!
I’ve taken stock. I’ve accumulated a huge work portfolio from when I could follow the creative urges over the last 50+ years! And it’s time to get on with it!

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