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Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12 Plunder

Two dogs attacked my chickens today. A German shepherd type and a dark Lab. Feathers were strewn everywhere. I chased the dogs off and went to see what was left of my hens. Two wounded. Three dead. Nine missing. Ron went after the dogs with deadly intent. Came back with no hint of where they had gone.

After taking stock I got in the car. I drove slowly watching for the marauding beasts, knowing they didn't belong to close neighbors. You know the neighborhood dogs in a place like this. I found them. Two miles away by road; a half mile cross country. Three large dogs in a yard. I know who lives there. I drove in, ready to confront the owner of killer beasts. There was no one home.

I went back home. Three chickens had come out of hiding. I got out the phone book. The guy doesn't have a phone. I wrote him a letter, checked the price of laying hens on Craig's list, and billed him for destroying my flock. Ron went with me to leave the letter in the guy's mailbox. The dogs were still there.

I have mourned the loss of my hens in such ways one too many times. This time it just made me angry. So angry.

Eventually, nine hens came out of hiding and appear to be OK. Ron buried three. I don't know if the two that were injured will make it.

If the dogs come back, they'd better be saying their prayers.

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  1. Looks like tragedy is a generator of some really cool art..I really like your picture...would also like to suggest a picture of the dogs draped over the hood of your car when the time comes..Please keep us posted...and thanks for the picture. Mark

  2. Oh NO! We had some very good laying hens when we were young until new neighbors moved in with very un-farm like cats who of course killed our hens straight away. These people could NOT understand how upset we were.
    Keep your animals in your own yard people!
    Very emotional painting Nancy!