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Friday, April 30, 2010

April 30 Twin Cities home

I had to depart from my usual acrylics on hardboard routine to do a commissioned piece. What a week: painting on walls, a cream can and now, of all things, paper. With a time crunch I have to make the most of painting time. This painting is in the whimsical style I've worked in for about ten years, producing over 300 images. You can see more at It's pilot pen drawing with watercolor. I've scanned the image and will also make note cards of it for my customer.

I judged the Rotary Art Show in Staples today. Lots of great work from 4th grade through adult. Photography, sculpture, wood work and fiber arts as well as all forms of painting.

Tomorrow there will be three art shows in Staples: the Rotary Art Show, a display of railroad related art at the Historic Depot, and one by 2009 grantees at the Five Wings Middle Ground Gallery.

8" x 10"

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