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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21 Pisces

If you're a Pisces, this one's for you. But how it came about...hmmm...Ron made chicken and rice for supper so it couldn't have been that. After doing the dishes we were watching the history channel about the volcanic and glacial activity of Iceland. Did you know that the sulphur cloud belched up by Icelandic volcanoes in 1782 caused widespread famine throughout Iceland and Europe, millions of deaths and ultimately the French Revolution? Still doesn't have anything much to do with fish.

As I was driving home from Staples today, I got a call (ooh, I know, driving while talking on the cell  phone- both of us) from my sister who was on her way from Wadena to Fergus Falls. She said she had to get back to Fergus earlier than usual since she was to be the announcer for the dress rehearsal for the annual synchronized swim show there, tonight. Now, we at least have a swimming reference.

As Ron and I were watching the flowing molten lava on TV, I glanced over to the whirlpool tub's tiled area and noticed the two carved wooden fish that Ron brought back from Jamaica several years ago. Swimming, molten lava and wooden fish resulted in "Pisces."

11" x 14"  $1110

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  1. Nice-I like the long contorted journey from swimming to Jamaica to a fish bowl on the counter. Speaking of counter, it seems to be working, Many people are commenting all at once
    Hoping to see you tomorrow
    love JIM