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Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26 Bedroom painting

I spent the afternoon painting in a bedroom in a house 12 miles from Long Prairie. This house is being converted into a birthing center for families who would prefer to have their babies at home. The local hospital insists that the midwife not deliver babies further than 15 miles from the hospital. If they live more than 15 miles from Long Prairie, they're required to have their babies in the hospital. Until now. With this new establishment, they have an option other than the hospital even if it isn't their own home. The request was for flowers and butterflies in the birthing room. I painted on all four walls. The butterflies are in memory of the owners' sister who died in a tragic car accident.


  1. Very Nice! Paintings on walls add so much to a room and many people will enjoy this art for years. Can you count it for 4 paintings?

  2. Very lively bedroom interior designs.
    Really interested and excited to try applying or making it in my own room. thanks for the better ideas that your site had shown.
    God bless.