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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 14 Potato, Potato, Potato

They're red, they're white, they're brown

They get that way underground....

Cheryl Wheeler sings a great little ditty called The Potato Song. You'll find it on YouTube under "The Potato Song." I heard it nearly every morning of one year when the girls played the CD version as I drove them to school. It alternated a little with the Bare Naked Ladies' song Post Card, otherwise known as the monkey song. Or maybe that was another year entirely since I seem to remember it being a daily emanation, too. We'll save it for another painting.

Here's my tribute to the Potato Song and potato growers everywhere. It's potato planting time, you know. These aren't just any potatoes. These are seed potatoes. There's a difference. Not washed nor stored in the same way as other potatoes. These are a little dirty and just starting to sprout. They came from my friend the potato farmer, by way of my husband who works for the potato farmer.

11" x 14"  $1040

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  1. Calypso loves this one. She's singing the song right now! She's not giving me a lot of patience, though, so I'm not commenting on all the paintings that I want to.