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Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1 Tea Pot and Cup

Into a new month.

Influenced by the bamboo and bowl yesterday, my eye caught this Asian influenced tea pot among my collection of tea pots. Since it desperately needed dusting, or rather washing, I had Savannah get it down from its spot high on the shelf.

As I was scumbling paint into the background, I raised my brush and found a wooden nub at the end of the handle as if someone had amputated the bristles. The metal furule and bristles lay on the palette. This was an old brush and it must be time to replace it; or give it a squeeze with the pliers to secure the furule to the handle for a little while longer.

11" x 14" SOLD


  1. nice...I like it...
    go Nancy go..

  2. Beautiful, feels like sitting on the floor as a tea ceremony starts.

  3. Nancy what an awesome "daily" commitment you've made to your art...this one is my fave (I love tea)
    I'll be checking back often!