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Monday, February 8, 2010

February 8 Reading in the Trees

With a winter storm cancelling activities today, I had a little more time than usual to paint. Portraits always take more time so tackled a portrait. When Hilary was about twelve, she liked to take her pillow, climb into the tree out by the pond and read. I had a photo to work from since Hilary is almost 21 and the tree had to come down when it threatened to fall on the shop. Making a painting to commemorate that time was perfect use of my time today.

16" x 20" $390


  1. Wonderful story and a surprising image. I would have recognized Hilary immediately. That is surprising because few of us would be recognizable today from our portrait-at-12, me least of all (well, that's because I'm 112, old and wrinkled, but still)

  2. Captivating, it looks like the opening to a wonderful children's story. Are you ready to write the rest? :)

  3. I saw Hilary right away, too. She's changed, but she's still the same. Calypso says to write that she loves Hilary.

  4. Aw shoot I'm tickled pink.! That was a great summer. Love you too miss Calypso!