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Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 27 Chocolate Chip Cookies

I baked chocolate chip cookies this afternoon. They're soft and rather thin in the middle with the chocolate chips poking up through the flatness. Ron and I both noticed how the edges have somewhat concentric circles, appearing a little like ripples of molten lava. Tastey, too, in spite of the visual scrutiny.

Since I've been working with thick buttery paint, I opted to paint chocolate chip cookies using this method. I put equal amounts of red and green paint on the hardboard, spreading it to the edges and in the process combining the colors to make a dark brown like my older baking pans that have had many many batches of cookies baked on them. Then I put dollops of creamy tan batter paint in the pattern that we always use to make cookies. My mom always put three, then two, then three, two and three across the pan. I don't know if everyone does it that way or not. I'm gonna have to ask around. Anyway, I applied the paint in dollops, swirled the edges and dabbled dark brown chocolate chips into the cookies. I worked with the hardboard on a flat surface and don't dare stand this one up until it's dry. Gravity would not be kind to these cookies.

8" x 10" $580


  1. Funny you mention buttery paint- as the most likely reason for the cookies turn out is too much bitter. My choc chip cookies used to always look like your description. I started using less butter than the recipe called for and Voila! the perfect cookies!

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