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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 3 Infinite Variety

The sky is never the same twice. Yesterday was soft, muted and lovely. This morning was a riot of gold and copper trimmed cloud ridges. Yesterday the trees stood out in stark contrast. This morning, the branches were frosted and sparkling.

As we drove home from volleyball at midnight, last night, there was fresh light snow. It sparkled like it had been sprinkled with diamond dust. Oh, and no, we didn't play volleyball until midnight. We played until 9:30 and then drank Coke and ate pizza at the VFW until midnight. Great exercise program, that. A fog must have rolled through along with the snow to create the hoar frost that decorated the trees. I drank Coke. Other beverages were also served. Flat beer, apparently, judging by the complaints of the locals. I wouldn't know since I enjoyed my frosty glass(es) of Coke while nature took care of the trees.

8" x 10" $340

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  1. Coke? Well, perhaps. I have difficulty seeing that much beauty come from just trees and moonlight and Coke and ... well, OK now I can see it. I agree, it is a wonderful image