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Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 28 Aubergine

Hilary wonders if this represents a longing for the growing season. On this last day of February, I think she's right. So many Minnesotans are in Mexico, Jamaica, Florida, Texas, and other warm places. The temperature got above freezing today here in mid-Minnesota and high temps this coming week are to be in the snow melting range. No where near spring planting, yet, but I can dream of bountiful farmer's markets where aubergine is queen.

11" x 14" $590


  1. Nan
    This is a wonderful new vision of your art. I already have ordered my (ridiculous quantity of) peppers and cannot wait for the crocuses to come up-although they will be at least a month. You do a wonderful job evoking feelings that mix the old world (if I'm in this world how can one be even older?) and the urge for Spring. This looks like Provence in March

  2. Ah, Provahnce. Merci, Misseur. (My e-mail spell checks in French. Where is it when I need it?!)