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Friday, February 26, 2010

February 26 Mary had a little lamb...

Sometimes I'm the most surprised one of all as to what happens at the end of my brush. For a little while, I thought this was going to be a fat woman but then it changed. Ah, the beauty of living serendipidously.

Karin Nauber wrote a lovely article about my daily painting challenge in this week's edition of the Independent News Herald. Take a look to learn a little more about the project. Thanks, Karin! You write beautifully.

8" x 10" $570


  1. Turned out good! I really like the colors you used!


  2. Unfortunately, gravity did some nasty things to Mary's hat. I took the photo before it dried and should have laid it flat. Oh, well, can't fix it because then it wouldn't be a daily painting anymore. No touch ups allowed.

  3. No touch ups after a new day has come, anyway.