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Friday, February 19, 2010

February 19 A Wall of Angus

I was driving north of Motley today to visit a home up by Walker for an article for Lake and Home Magazine. When I looked over my left shoulder, I saw a wall of black. At first I wondered what it was. Then I realized it was a large herd of angus cattle. You don't often see large herds of cattle anymore. I see more collapsed barns than herds of cattle.

This composition of black and white is a result of seeing that herd this morning. The painting method used yesterday was employed again today: a thick layer of background paint topped with a single color applied in loose brushstrokes. It took a few more strokes than yesterday. I tried to use only enough to suggest the cattle's shapes.

8" x 10" $500


  1. This one would go well in Mark and Rona's basement. I might have to point it out to Mark. He does love anything cows.

  2. She swallowed the cow to catch the...
    We have been reading the "old Lady who swallowed a fly" book at grandma Nona's a lot lately. Both Jennica and Carsen are quite taken with the story and vivid pictures the artist used.
    So Jeff saw this painting and said "I don't know how she swallowed the cow..."