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Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11 An Apple for My Momma

Today was a strange March day. Pouring rain, thunder, lightning and, in some places, hail. I had intended to paint a large rain drop, and maybe a couple of hail stones, backlit by lightning.

Then I got home and discovered, via e-mail, that I needed to find four illustrations for my book that's at the publisher's, in layout. The document I'd sent, via e-mail, didn't arrive in one piece (how does that happen?)and my best bet was to find the originals. The chapter is on a special technique that my Mom used to turn apples into puzzles. I'd done the illustrations several years ago for an article and do you think I could find them? If anyone ever archives my work from the last 35 years, well, they'll have a job on their hands. I resorted to finding the word document ( I know, bad idea) that had them on for the book, copied and enlarged them onto another document, printed, cut apart, labeled, scanned as jpegs and sent via e-mail, again. By that time, I had apples on the brain.

Then my sister called to say that Mom had fallen and broken her arm this afternoon. So, Mom, here's a get well apple image. Heal well, take care. Love, Nan

8" x 10" $700

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