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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 23 Quilter's Accoutrements

Here's a new development: paint on the sleeve of my nightgown. Painting had to be the first priority today so didn't bother to dress before heading to the easel. It was dark; the stairway a forboding challenge to my just awakened legs. I grabbed my Olfa cutter from the sewing machine, selected a spool of blue thread and with them as reference began the painting of the day. Reaching across the palette, my sleeve dragged in the blue paint. Acrylic paint does not wash out of fabric.

Up ahead, a twelve hour work day, with any luck a little volleyball and then debriefing at the VFW until midnight. I'll be painting again before I know it. Perhaps not in my nightgown.

5" x 7" $820

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