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Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8 Dad's first Model-T, view 1

I had a nice visit with my mom and dad, today. I had planned to do some cleaning for them but they had their apartment spic and span. So, we had a nice long visit.

Dad sent his iron Model-T toy car home with me as a subject to paint. Not to keep, of course, but to paint. I remember his car from the time I was little. He kept it up in the cupboard and we would take it down and look at it. We never played with it because it was Dad's from when he was little. That's why he still has it.

The car was cast in two halves and joined together. For some time it didn't stay together very well, but he fixed it. I didn't know it had a driver until today. He'd found the little man in a box. The car is iron; the driver is a white metal and is held on the seat with a metal peg.

This is view 1 because I'm thinking it's worthy of seeing from other angles.

11" x 14" $670

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