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Friday, March 12, 2010

March 12 Raining on My Roma

It's not just raining on my roma. It's raining on everything; day after day.

Today was a proofing day: proofing the new website for the Five Wings Arts Council; proofing the magazine I edit; proofing the book about the vinegary. It was a day of accomplishment but also a day of not getting any one thing finished. Except this little painting. So though it's not a major work of art, it's the one thing I finished today.

5" x 7" $710


  1. The roma looks as sad as we felt with all that rain. We've enjoyed the days since, actually being able to get outside.

  2. And wasn't the sun a welcome sight today (3-17)?! It rained, too. A bank of clouds rolled in. It rained buckets and then the sun came out again and stayed. Nothing like a good wash on a late winter day.