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Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 20 Dogwood and willow

For many years, I gathered willow and dogwood in the winter and early spring. I wove more baskets than you could count, sold them around Minnesota, wrote a book about weaving baskets and taught many classes. I haven't made a basket in years but I still notice the dogwood and willow in late winter and early spring.

Today we drove 69.5 miles to Perham to present our vinegar wares at the East Ottertail County Garden Day. As we drove along the back roads, through lowlands and along fields, I noticed all of the material growing in the ditches and meadows; perfect for weaving. No time for that but it inspired the painting of the day: a stylized vision of willow and dogwood against the lighter background of newly snow-free grassland.

We stopped in Wadena on the way back for a quick and pleasant visit with Mom and Dad. Mom's arm is many shades of black and blue but getting a little better every day.

8" X 10" $790

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  1. I've been noticing the willow, too. It brings back memories of hanging out with you while you weave baskets. I'm very glad that you did this painting!