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Saturday, March 6, 2010

March 6 Jed

Last fall on a cool evening, a stray cat leaped at the dining room window. Ron heard the thump and opened the door to a teenage orange cat. Frightened but wanting a home, the cat came into the house and ultimately, into our hearts. Savannah named him Jed.

Jed is a full character cat with an affinity for pink and a propensity for carrying a small fluffy pink purse around. He hides pens under the rug and has learned to open doors. He thinks he should be in the studio when I paint and I know the day will come when he walks in paint and leaves little Jed tracks across the room. He's already done it with watercolor which wasn't so bad since it washes out. Acrylic is another matter.

Jed likes to hide in blankets and peeks out to see what's happening. So, for the 66th painting of 2010, here's Jed.

11" x 14" $650


  1. I look forward to, rather than being apprehensive about those acrylic tracks. There are so many elements of character in your home, it just seems appropriate that there be Jed tracks in the studio.
    This is a great painting and a great image of the ways things are around home (and I cannot wait to be there again).

  2. Zosh and I love this one so much that she insisted she had to see it better, and we made it the background on my computer desktop. Now I get all the attention I can handle from a girl when I turn on the computer!