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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2 Spring Approacheth

Today was advocacy day at the state capitol in St. Paul. I started the day at 4:15 in order to meet my ride, Mark, at 5:00. It was a full day of visiting legislators and explaining the value of the arts to this five county region of central Minnesota. The arts are not only pleasant cultural offerings. They impact the economy and provide jobs as well as raise us all up to a higher level of consciousness.

This little painting had to happen rather quickly. I cleaned up the last wet paint on two pallettes and then added a little fresh paint to complete the tree. Quite satisfying in a small way.

5" x 7" $610


  1. Wow, 20 followers, lots of building Blog momentum, a great day lobbying for the arts, and a beautiful light-activated landscape.

  2. I saw the cutest song on The Electric Company- it was about Art not being perfect. (this applies to today and wed's painting by the way) It says how art is your own personal view and nothing is wrong in art! I for one Loved it! and i just may be getting more active in art at home. where to begin?....