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Friday, March 19, 2010

March 19 Food stuffs

Food stuffers might be a more precise title for this one. I was going to paint something on a black background. My black paint container was empty. Had to go to plan B. B for blue, rather than black. I was feeling rather stuffed after a meal of fish and hash browns at the local lodge. Hence the food stuffers.

The effect on this one is interesting, especially since the paint is thick and still very wet. That's what the shine is all about. The dark shadow comes from me leaning over the painting which is lying flat so it doesn't run.

5" X 7" $780


  1. Nan
    One of all time favorite quotes is from Pliny the Elder, one of the Ancient Greeks (and one of my high school teachers). The quote is "You say there is nothing to write about. So write to tell me there is nothing to write about". I look at your painting ever day, and I know Dawn does as well. Very often I have nothing to say (I meant that about the painting but it applies to life). I feel badly that you are working every day and may feel that nobody is watching. We all, very many of us, are watching and (often silently) cheering. We comment when we can think of something but we come up short often. Don't thknk we are not paying attention. We love seeing your latest, every single day.

  2. Jim is absolutely right. Unfortunately, I don't have time to check every day. I make it at least once a week, and then I go back to see all of the paintings. We are definitely cheering for you, and loving what you are doing! Loving you, too!