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Saturday, March 13, 2010

March 13 Variation on a theme

Another gray day. Saturday. Two-hundred people turned out for the first ever Todd County Horticultural Event. It put everyone in the mood for gardening. Then we come back to the gray, wet, snow banked landscape.

I gave a presentation on herbs, wine and vinegar. Ron manned a booth with the vinegar.

Came home to find Savannah making brownie pecan pie. How's that for a mood lifter? And Laura, home for the weekend, is watching the bad movies on the Sci-Fi channel: first giant alligators eating old movie stars, then a spitting slime monster devouring helpless people.

No wonder I came up with a melancholy painting. Beth, this isn't you but it harkens to a painting of a few days ago albeit with a bit of a different style.

5" x7" SOLD

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  1. I like your lady. You should do a variety of her 'friends' too.