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Friday, January 1, 2010

The first painting: Snow people

Here it is: the first painting of my challenge.

The pre-Christmas weather forecasters predicted volumes of snow. They were right. We haven't had a Christmas like this in years.

After the kids came home for the holiday, the weather warmed up and the snow was perfect for making snow sculptures. Christmas night. First there was a bonfire to finish the summer job of demolishing the kids' treehouse. As the flames licked up thirty years of memories, the kids (13 to 32) drifted off to revive their skills of snowman making. They wanted to make a huge one; maybe two. The snow was perfect and rolling the balls down the yard's slope quickly added to their girths. They grew too large to allow for proper stacking. They became a snow fort instead.

Michael and Beth stayed out in the dark, creating a whole family of snowmen. When Beth finally decided to come in, twelve snow people stood stonehenge-like in the back yard.

Overnight, the warmth wasn't kind to the snow people. By morning, several had tipped over. Since a cold front moved in the next day, it wasn't possible to repair them properly. Beth stacked chunks of snow, creating a landscape of mini-monoliths, the giant snowmen taking on the attributes of fortress walls.

Now, a week later, the snow people are still there, best viewed by last night's full moon. This painting is my tribute to them. Hilary says, "Mom, you even got the depressed one." So it is.

I'm reluctant to part with this painting. I like it. But, agreeing to let it go is part of the challenge. If you like it too, read the Dec.29 post to find out how to acquire it.



  1. I love the idea and the challenge Nan. Too often we are afraid to take major challenges. This one is exciting and you will reward each of us as we follow and celebrate your energies and creativity
    Thanks for all you do

  2. Thanks for your kind, and supportive, words.