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Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 9, Mortar, Pestle and Tomatoes

Saturday. Vacuuming, picking up, putting away. I washed the chains and hanging globes of the lights in the main bathroom. Made a couple of phone calls for a committee I'm serving on. Washed the yellow kitchen rug. Assembled lunch and took special notice of the brass mortar and pestle on the kitchen counter. Also, still thinking about the tomato I had intended to paint yesterday. Ate it for lunch and it could have been a potato. Sometime I might paint three tomatoes and a potato. I would title it, "Tomato, Tomato, Tomato, Potato." Reminds me of a song.

Globes, chains, tomatoes, brass -- round objects and metal. I was up for the challenge of painting metal; and red orbs. So, here it is: brass and red orbs.

11" x 14" - $90


  1. This is lovely Nan. The play of light on the mortar and pestle (does anyone reading this remember which ine is which?) is really delicate and conveys a lot. I was at Laura's yesterday and spent a lot of time with the Burpee catalog; something in which I used to invest many consecutive weeks and hindreds of dolalrs each year but have left alone for several. The tomatoes in there were amazing so I came to this primed. Your tomatoes make me want to be in Long Prairie for the Spring. (Actually, that is not yet out of the question).

  2. Well, Jim once again sums up my sentiment. He says everything I was thinking better than I could ever say it. Beautiful!

  3. Thank you! The photo flattened things and reduced the subtle values in the background and the tomatoes. Since this one is small, I could have scanned it. Now I think of it. Might redo it.

    You pound with the pestle; I know, it's hard to remember which is which. I just looked it up to be sure.

    Thanks for continuing to view regularly!