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Friday, January 15, 2010

January 15 The Wine Maker

Back in November, we hosted a murder mystery dinner. Ron and I played the part of "extras" and we assigned roles to each of the "kids." Everyone came to dinner in costumes of the 1940s as we played our roles of "The Last Train from Paris" through a multi-course meal. Ron's role was that of Justin Case.

I used a reference photo of Justin Case for this painting and titled it "The Wine Maker." Ron, of course, is the resident wine maker here. And he fairly regularly tastes it for quality control.

16" x 20" $150


  1. Nice one of Dad. I like the way the murder mystery character and wine connoisseur complement in this painting.

  2. It seems to have aged him. He looks younger, now, without the white beard.

  3. Ah yes, he does look younger now. But he looked more French and more thoughtful with the beard. This one reminds me of Gaugin; it is in his style and has that strong sense of movement that was in so many of his paintings.