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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5, The Pensive Chef

Jim's is the creative mind in the family when it comes to dreaming up food events: the chocolate tasting, the Scotch nose training, the mustard pairings, the pickle fest, the Russian / Mongolian multi-course dinner, the Dutch oven camp dinner and the soon to be experienced Jamaican sauce event. He thinks long and hard about each culinary happening and provides the menus and recipes. Salut, Jim!



  1. This one should definitely stay in the family!

  2. I love it, Nancy!

  3. Bizarre. You choose a sleep, dottering old fool as a subject and then someone actually purchases it? Wow (although I do have to admit I kinda like it, in spite of the subject)

  4. You should more than kinda like it. It's MY favorite.