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Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 14 Attacking the Tomato

Maybe I should just quit buying winter tomatoes. If I bought them for beauty and to paint, they'd be perfect. Since I'd really like to savor the flavor, I'm usually disappointed.

This tomato has been sitting on my counter top for about 3 weeks. It's still beautiful. But no matter from which direction you attack it, it has no juice and therefore no flavor. I placed it on a paper towel and stuck the forks in from four directions. Watching from above, not a single drop of juice wet the paper towel. I've painted it from a design perspective, looking down on it from above. The message is simple: bad tomato. Oh, and don't get any strange ideas that I'm punishing it. No, just showing there's no juice. That's all.

11" x 14" $140

1 comment:

  1. This looks Spanish to me. Perhaps it has the look of a bull after a hard fight? The colors are striking and the composiiton gives that impression of stark beauty. A bull fight is an interesting, disturbing, one off experience. It has nothing to do with tomatoes and forks, but I can't get rid of the image.