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Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 28 Grape in the Cosmos

A little about process: two palettes of half dried paint, a small "canvas," a large brush. Sweep a mixture of dark colors in broad strokes around the perimeter of the "canvas." Moving toward the center, switch to lighter colors and convert from strokes to stippling. Repeat again and again, adjusting the colors and layering the textures until I was satisfied with the effect.

The center called for a focal point of some kind. A grape. Where do ideas come from? A grape. Switch brushes and swirl in a mixture of red, blue, white and green. Adjust the colors until it looked right. Think about a grape in the cosmos. Realize that I was influenced by the bright full moon in a dark sky and this is a negative of that: a dark moon in a light sky. Or, a grape in the cosmos.

8" x 10" $280


  1. Yes, perhaps a grape. But look at the sense of movement. It is slightly above and right of center, moving SW. I think perhaps it is a new Foramaniferain, one we have not see before, moving throguh the sea far below the surface in Ekman's Spiral, in the Western Pacific.

    Or perhaps a grape...