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Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 21 Wine Glass and Cherry

The plan was to paint a wine glass. Simple and sweet with a quick background. And so it progressed. But when the wine glass was finished and that simple shadow was in place, it just called for a little zing of color. I decided a simple cherry tomato would be perfect. After the reds and highlights were in place, it turned into a cherry with a nice one stroke stem. I threw in the cherry's shadow and then opted to put a companion cherry in the glass. Then the glass needed a little liquid. But that was enough. Period.

11" x 14" $210


  1. Nan
    This is quite familiar and quite calming.
    It looks like the counter just before Dawn comes home from teaching late at night
    Her Auqavit is awaiting attention, mine is drained and the single cherry reinds me to stay awake and conscious to hear her stories
    (Sometimes the cherry on the counter fails to do its job as well as it might)

  2. The cherry must have known that it belongs, together it and the wineglass look like friends having a conversation. Calming is a very good word for the effect this one has.

  3. The past week was really hard to vote on. Every time I scrolled down to the next painting, that one was my favorite. I noticed that I could've voted for multiple paintings, but I didn't think that was fair. They are all wonderful! (I did vote, but it was tough)