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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 13 Breakfast of SPAM and Eggs

Apparently I'm not very good at planning paintings much in advance. I knew what I was going to paint today; but I didn't do it. I'm gathering quite a stockpile of ideas, though.

This morning my sister sent a Facebook message. I responded and at the end of the message commented that it was time for breakfast. She said she'd eaten three hours before. I said I had, too. This would be second breakfast. She asked, "So is the breakfast to be painted or eaten?"

Does she know me well, or what?

Ron was making SPAM and eggs and had asked me if I'd wanted some. I'd had a bowl of cereal before working out at Snap, so didn't turn down his offer of a cooked breakfast.

Ron loves SPAM. For Christmas, he'd put a meat slicer on his wish list. Beth got him one and knowing he likes SPAM, she also gave him eight cans. He shares.

Since Christi asked whether I was going to eat or paint the breakfast, I knew I had to paint breakfast, too. So, here it is, Spiced Pork and Meat (if the meat in SPAM is pork, what is the "other" meat?)with a piece of Christmas wrap still taped to the can, along with some of my nice brown chicken eggs and a fork. Pre-cooked---as in, before being cooked.

I'd like to send out a "hey" to Fergus Falls college campus art instructor Kris Gyolai and her students. If you have questions as you view my blog and art, just sign in and leave them in the comments box. Thanks for your interest!

Day 13, 16" x 20" $130


  1. Its been years since I had some Spam...never had Spam and eggs. Thanks for the thought and the picture. Have you thought of putting a counter on you blog so you can count the visits?...I visit it lots but only my second comment....I really enjoy your pictures...mark

  2. Gotta have some SPAM : )
    I haven't been able to figure out how to put a counter on the blog. I could install Google analytics if I knew how to insert the proper code in the heading (which doesn't show me the html code). Some how I once saw how many visitors I'd had on my vinegar blog but can't find it again.

  3. You know, it's an odd thing. Ron is such a wonderful man. He is a great craftsman, carpenter, gardener, woodsman, Sunday morning cook, friend, father. Doesn't it seeem odd that a guy as interesting as that could eat Spam? Do you think the Spam is constraining him so he'd be even better without it? Well, at least the painting is well done so we can commemorate the product.