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Saturday, January 23, 2010

January 23 Orange Tea Kettle

I was dusting the furniture today and noticed that the orange tea kettle and the silver tray upon which it sat both needed to be washed. After polishing them up, I knew they would be the subject for today's painting.

Ron gave me the tea kettle several years ago for my birthday. I collect tea pots but had wanted a hand bell or a dinner bell. Ron got me a bell shaped tea kettle. But it's orange. Orange is my least favorite color, next to yellow tulips.

Beth gave me a stuffed red squeaky toy chicken for that same birthday. The chicken and tea kettle sat on the silver tray in the coffee nook. The chicken became a mood indicator. I'd position the two artfully. I'd come back and find that Savannah had put the chicken's head in the kettle. I'd reposition them and come back to find the chicken in the kettle. It got to be a joke as to what position the chicken would have in relation to the kettle.

I didn't paint the chicken with the tea kettle because of the time constraints. Perhaps there'll be a series, including the chicken with the tea kettle.

On another note, after painting warped whimsical scenes for nearly a decade, Whimsy Home Designs, I seem to have trouble painting shapes as they should be- at least the tea kettle looks a little warped to me. I did consider going the whimsical route with this. So, once again, it is what it is.

16" x 20" $230

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