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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 6, Sex Links

It's no secret that I like chickens. My little flock of 14 is made up of six old hens and 8 new ones, hatched this spring. The new ones are called Sex Links. Look it up if you're curious.

I've done several paintings of chickens over the years. Since I have 359 more paintings to do this year, plan on seeing more.

I had some difficulty photographing this painting. I've lost the natural light for the day (yes, it's going to snow again) so the colors aren't photographing true. The photo of the detail of the painting has better color than the full image. That's how things work sometimes.



  1. Oh I'm glad the one on the right is closest to the true color. The other one looks a might purple *grin*.

  2. I did check out Wikipedia which explained in great detail what sex link chickens are all about. (For anyone who has not looked it up yet, don't be afraid that Googling "sex link chickens" will lead you to some pornographic web site.) It's all very chicken-ish and farmer-ish. Goes to show . . . never too old to learn something new! Hard to capture chickens' personalities--but you did it. Whimsical and clever!

  3. Yes, I also looked it up. Shoud have read the comments first so I would know to add "chickens" to "sex linked". Took quite a while to get back to the comment here. I love the flock (although they often are unkind to Mole' who, after all is just a small fellow).