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Friday, January 22, 2010

January 22 Green and Red

This may be the most optically interesting painting I've done. I know, it just looks like a big red E and a green....something. Having just read Scientific American's article about stimulating the eye to see greenish red and reddish green, which normally the human eye can't distinguish, I had to experiment. If you stare at this painting with your eyes crossed (it's actually kind of fun, don't cha know)your eyes will perceive other lines, angles and colors than the shapes and colors of the painting. I don't think it will work with this uploaded image because of the light bounce of my camera's flash. Without a flash the colors werent' true. This thing even confuses the camera. Expect to see more along this line. Also, check out the Scientific American article in the February 2010 issue, "'Impossible' Colors, See Hues That Can't Exist."

#22, 16" x 20" $220

1 comment:

  1. I didn't notice that the red was an "E" until I read it in your description. The green...fence is what my mind wanted it to be...caught my eye and wouldn't let go. I can't wait to see the original and find out what my brain thinks of it then!