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Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 16 Favorite Coffee Mug

My computer screen saver is a photo of my yellow Minnesota Public Radio coffee mug. Steam rises in the morning sunlight streaming through the living room window. If you were to look closely, you can see that Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood, my all time favorite television show, is on the TV in the background. These are a few of my favorite things: coffee (I could be the poster child, er, adult, for coffee drinkers), Minnesota Public Radio and Sunday morning television programming.

Today's painting is another of my favorite coffee mugs. It's one of Beth's hand thrown mugs and I love it. The yellow background is a nod to sunny mornings, the steam rises like in my screen saver photo, and the painting has a poster quality to it.

8" x 10" SOLD

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  1. We have quite a few of Beth's original throws; this one looks so much like them. I did not realize (think about) how charcteristic they were. The simplicity of the setting and the story about Sunday morning coffee gives a nice warm and calming feeling.