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Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 30 Turkish Coffee

Let's celebrate almost one month of daily paintings and have a little cup of Turkish coffee. Most everyone knows how much I like coffee. I have a variety of coffee "makers" from the daily Proctor Silex to a French press, ceramic tea pot type coffee pot and the Turkish set. It's a collection. I've even roasted green coffee beans and though it was a fun experiment, I generally leave the roasting to the experts.

I work with Mark Turner at the Five Wings Arts Council. Mark likes coffee dark and strong. So do I. He surprised me when he said that one of the best cups of coffee in the area can be had at Burger King. It surprised me because I'd made the same discovery some years ago.

8" x 10" $300


  1. I find it amazing that BK would sell Turkish Coffee; is that only at the Chanhasen store or all BKs? Is BK coffee better than McDonald's? Did you hear that McDonald's is spending $100 Million just to advertise its coffee? Of course, it can afford to do that because coffee amounts to 5% of its sales (what do they spend advertising burgers?).

  2. Maybe McDonald's coffee would sell even better if they served it in fancy little glass cups with ornate metal holders. Turkish? Don't think so.