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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 26 Bales

This scene is on the land just north of here. It's where the sandhill cranes gather before their autumn migration. The grove of trees didn't lose all of the leaves, nor were the bales picked up before the snow came.

8" x 10" $260


  1. Nicely done Nan
    I am amused to look across my comments (and lack thereof). I apparently am a pretty simple old fellow. I see peaceful things like a bottle on a winter, sandy beach or bales of hay in a field and I can feel comfortable and at least relate, if not comment intelligently. I see things that I just know are artistic, but they don't hit home. I feel I'd like to comment and be supportive and can't find a context. Yet others do. So it becomes apparent you are reaching a lot of us and doing so in a variety of ways.
    Back in the '20s, when I used to farm, I lived in SE Idaho and this scene reminds me of that time (of course, no round bales; we picked up the hay a blade at a time and carried it back to the crib). This is a good scene for a photographer; I'd like to be there.

  2. I love yesterday and today's paintings. They feel so peaceful. Makes all of us want to get in the car and head to Long Prairie immediately!!